Critical Times News : Poor English Language use in Nigeria-Soyinka,don lamented

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Poor English Language use in Nigeria-Soyinka,don lamented

Poor use of English Language in Nigeria

The Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has lamented the poor use of poor English Language grammar among Nigerians, saying the development is painting the country in bad light especially before its original users. This is even as another Professor of English Language and Director of the National Assembly Centre of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Prof. Joy Eyisi, noted that Nigerian teachers require constant training and retraining especially on the use of English Language.

He noted that their poor understanding of the language has been contributing significantly to the massive failure of the subject by pupils in schools. The duo, who spoke at different occasions, complained bitterly about the wrong use of the language by Nigerian users. They pointed out that English vocabularies were not only wrongly used, but also wrongly spelt and wrongly pronounced.

Soyinka said: “There is an appeal I am going to make, and that will have to be about the ways our people speak English Language. My belief is that even if Yoruba is the official language, it should be spoken well. But here, you hear Nigerians using ‘severally’ for ‘several.’ Similarly, Eyisi explained that her recent interactions with some selected teachers across the nation had revealed that the teachers needed thorough training especially in the area of English Language proficiency.

While urging stakeholders not to joke with teacher’s empowerment programmes, the don, who delivered NOUN’s 9th inaugural lecture, advised English Language user to make dictionary their companions. She stressed that the best answers to all difficult questions about the language could be found in good English Language dictionary.

“Schools must also be provided with language laboratory, standard library, among others to bring out the best among the pupils and the teachers too. The current situation is deplorable. I even promised to present gift to teachers who could spell 50 words correctly at different seminars where I served as a facilitator across the country, and I can tell you that hardly could we get 10 correct answers,” Eyisi said.
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