Critical Times News : REVEALED: Buhari was received in Kano by paid rented crowd

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REVEALED: Buhari was received in Kano by paid rented crowd

Kolapo Kabir Oduola , from Kano wrote: 

Today I knew and learnt a new lesson in Kano. Despite the Kano State Governor sharing 4 yards of cloth to every interested men and women since on Monday till yesterday night.

Distribution of Buhari insignia Tee shirts all through this morning.

Sharing of money ranging between N500 to N2000 to peoples depending on who the agent that recruited them was.

Ensuring full tank of petrol been served to all who signified their intentions to join the crowd of waivers on the roadside while the President will be on motion at... 

And last but not the least using State Traffic Agency Towing Trucks to blocked us the road users for Buhari to see crowds on the road on his first visit to Kano today.

It all ended in vain ladies and gentlemen. Even those of us blocked from moving freely remained sorted in our respective vehicles throughout their shenanigans.

Kano State has become wiser than anybody can envisaged. So it's true that hunger is the best Teacher???

We are wiser now......

Confirming the report, Ismail Muhammad, who claimed to be Kano citizen, reply a critic saying he witnessed all that had happened and has vowed that they the (Kanawas) can no longer be deceived to vote for Buhari again. 

His words, "Who tells you that's a lie.I'm a Kano citizen and I witnessed all these and many more. Look we Kanawas are now wise enough, no body will deceive us with ethno religious propaganda to vote for Buhari again.

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