Critical Times News : If self-defense is a call to anarchy, all politicians should move around without security — Nigerians react

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If self-defense is a call to anarchy, all politicians should move around without security — Nigerians react

One of the responsibilities of government is the protection of lives. Why is life so important? Because only life can produce life. In fact, there are many reasons why lives must be protected.

The very moment President Donald J Trump of the United States assumed office, his top priority is the security of the American life. We all know about the 'wall' and blacklisting of certain countries from entering the US. You may want to find out what Mr Trump mean when he says America first.

Now back to our dear Nigeria. How would you rate the Buhari administration in the area of security of life? According to a report by the Authority Newspaper a few days ago, Bill Gates was quoted as saying "Nigeria is one of the worst countries to be born today". How does that sound?

It was initially a threat by Boko Haram, but as at today, one can hardly differentiate between Boko Haram terrorists and killer herdsmen in the country. If you are a Nigerian, by now you should understand the outrage against the Buhari administration with many accusing the government for siding with terrorists and murderers against its own people. How did we get here?

The question has always been asked, who is safe in Nigeria under Buhari's administration? Only recently, General TY Danjuma called for self defense against attacks on the masses by killer herdsmen. Danjuma is not the first among Nigeria's elite to accuse the APC government of its immense failure to protect life. More worrisome is the government's refusal to accept criticism nor willingness to take action against the mindless murderers killing the citizens it swore to protect. Strange isn't it?

In defense against Danjuma's call, the FG through its Defense Minister Muhammad Dan-Ali said "The call for self defense is a call to anarchy." But Nigerians disagree! From a lot of reactions we singled out a few below:

Oh well, it seems some lives are more valuable than others and deserve protection. Only in Nigeria!
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