Critical Times News : APC has succeeded in destroying the progress we've made as a nation — Lamido

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APC has succeeded in destroying the progress we've made as a nation — Lamido


Former Jigawa State governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido and other Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) Chieftains have accused the ruling All Progressives Congress ( APC) of allowing hunger and insecurity to get out of hand in the country.

They berated the ruling party while making their separate remarks in Bauchi state on Saturday at a reception held for the party's Deputy National chairman, Senator Babayo Garba Gamawa.

Speaking,Lamido described‎ the ruling APC as a party of deceit that is not prepared for anything.

Lamido who is a presidential aspirant of the Party in the 2019 general elections, ‎stated that hunger and poverty have increased in the last years the APC has been in power.

‘’During the PDP’s regime, there was work and no hunger, there was peace. Buhari said the PDP are thieves, he said we in PDP are Boko Haram, he said in 16 years, PDP did nothing, they said we are a disaster and they voted us out of power and he (Buhari) took over power. Is there no hunger now? Is there no more Boko Haram? It is now left for you to compare and contrast.

‘’We were in power for 16 years, APC came into power and have done nothing but enjoying what the PDP did. PDP built the EFCC Headquarters and they are claiming that they built it. They can only claim it because they came unprepared,"he said.

He called on PDP members to preach peace wherever they are.
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