Critical Times News : CAN reveals plan to declare Nigeria islamic country if Buhari wins second term

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CAN reveals plan to declare Nigeria islamic country if Buhari wins second term

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Advisory Board has alleged that it had uncovered plans to Islamise Nigeria come 2025.

This was revealed by the chairman of the board and Methodist presbyter, Anyanya circuit, Akwa Ibom State, Very Rev. Otuekong Ukut, on Sunday while delivering a keynote address at the eighth Annual synod of Ebenezer Methodist Church, Ogbodiukwu, Umuopara Circuit of Umuahia West Diocese, Abia State.

The presbyter, who noted that the current onslaught on Christians by suspected Fulani
herdsmen across the nation was evidence of pre-agenda to Islamise Nigeria in 2025.

He alerted Christians that the 2019 election was crucial for the jihadists to secure another four years of unfiltered access of guns and power, hence under-aged are said to have been registered as voters.

The clergy decried incessant killing of Christians in the country as unacceptable, noting that “they have captured all the northern states and have now pushed into other parts of Nigeria to meet the target of 2025.

“They have captured the federal government of Nigeria and all arms of defence – the army, air force, navy, police, civil defence, customs, immigration, prisons and presidency among others,” he claimed.

The cleric, however, said the only option left for Nigeria was to commence restructuring as earlier advocated by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, where (North-Sarduana Republic), (Middle Belt-Tiv- Jukun), (West-Oduduwa) as well as (East-Biafra) and (South-South Atlantic Republic) would be on their own to end the bondage once and for all.

He challenged Christians to brace up for defence, involve in active politics, seek election, vote and be voted for as the only measure that would save them from wanton killings, rape and mayhem.

Speaking on the synod with theme, ‘Strive for Peace and Holiness,’ Ukut noted that Methodist, which he said was number one church in Nigeria since 1842, must strive hard to revive its evangelism as the present style of building cathedrals with few membership statistics must be discouraged.

“We need to give the church to their people, all families must be able to attend church in their village. No family should move more than a kilometer to attend Methodist church,” he said, as he appreciated God for using the prelate of the church, Most Rev. Samuel Uche, and Bishop of Umuahia West, Dr. Babatunde Taiwo, to turn around Methodist Church and win souls for

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