Critical Times News : Sit-at-Home Order: Nigerian soldiers kills IPOB member in Abia

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Sit-at-Home Order: Nigerian soldiers kills IPOB member in Abia

In spite of the show of force/strength by a combined team of the security forces in Abia State on Monday, the sit-at-home order recorded total compliance in Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State even as it was partially observed in Umuahia.

For instance, commercial banks, schools and markets were completely closed down in the commercial city while those in Umuahia, the state capital, opened for business with some of them shutting their gates, only allowing customers after screening.

In Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State, there was total compliance to the sit-at-home order, leaving many streets, roads, markets and businesses offices deserted.

Soldiers allegedly shot and killed a young man believed to be one of the members of the pro-Biafra group, IPOB.

It was gathered that soldiers had approached from Asa Road to Port Harcourt Road/Uratta Junction where some IPOB members had reportedly gathered in the morning as part of the sit-at-home protest.

It was equally gathered that as the soldiers got close to the junction, they started shooting indiscriminately which forced the IPOB members to leave the vicinity.

As the soldiers continued shooting, a stray bullet, according to report, hit a young man, identified as Nnamdi Ikemeh from Mbano in Imo State and a resident of Chigbu Street, off Uratta Junction who was said to have come out from his house to buy something.

Immediately he was shot dead, the soldiers were reported to have dragged his corpse into their patrol van parked at a nearby street and sped off, preventing Nnamdi’s younger brother from carrying his dead body.

Also at Ngwa Road, newspaper vendors who went for the day’s business had bitter experience in the hands of soldiers from a nearby military post who harassed and tore their newspapers to shreds.

When New Telegraph went round the commercial city, major markets like Ariaria, Eke Oha (Shopping Centre), Eziukwu and Ahia Ohuru all had their gates opened by market unions, but traders and buyers stayed away from the markets.

A visit to some minor markets like school Road Market, Saint Michaels Road, Phone Accessories Market, Ehi Road Market, Ngwa Road Market, Nsulu Market and Akwette Streets Markets showed no sign of business.

Banks visited in Aba metropolis were under lock and key except the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) that remained active.

Pupils and students were at home while many private and public schools visited were deserted as no teacher could be sighted.

Few interstate transport operators were seen at the Aba Main Motor Park, but they had few passengers as major vehicle loading centres like Milverton Avenue, Park Road and York Streets looked like a ghost town.

Private schools in the state capital were also closed down for fear of the unknown. However, economic and social activities went on peacefully despite the sit-at-home order.

Some traders were seen attending to customers, while commercial drivers were providing services to residents.

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