Critical Times News : Stop making noise, use your PVC if you don't like Buhari — Hon. Okon tells Obasanjo

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Stop making noise, use your PVC if you don't like Buhari — Hon. Okon tells Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo

Rt. Hon. Dr Justin E. Okonoboh is the immediate past speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly. In an interview with New Telegraph, said former president Olusegun Obasanjo like other aggrieved Nigerians, should use his PVC against Buhari instead of making noise on the pages of newspapers.

He said:

Nigerians can never take Obasanjo serious, because many people know the way he does his things. As an elder-statesman, if he has anything against this government, he should not be saying it on the pages of newspapers.

Obasanjo cannot be denied access to Aso Rock, he can walk in straight and speak with the president, or whoever he wants to speak to. But to be involved in writing of letters and all kinds of stuff is not in the interest of this country.

In dealing with matters of state, it must be done in a statesmanly manner. You remember some years ago, he took his PDP card and tore it in public, whether he did or not, we saw it on television.

Those are the things we think a man of such character should not do. With all these things he is doing, it has reached a stage where members of the public will not take him seriously because the problems this government is tackling were all problems that came from his regime.

He had been a military Head of State, a civilian president, he is part of the problem, so in solving it now, all of us should put our heads together, it is not about Buhari, it is about the unity of Nigeria.

If he does not support Buhari for a second term, that is a personal opinion, he has his voter’s card, he can decide to vote for who he wants to vote for, but you don’t say that on the pages of the papers. So, I doubt if most Nigerians would take his word serious.
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