Critical Times News : Buhari called a comedian for speaking about heaven

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Buhari called a comedian for speaking about heaven

Reactions trail president Buhari’s statement of doing justice in the country in order not to miss heaven. 

Speaking earlier on Saturday during the closing of 2018 Ramadan Tafsir, President Buhari pledged to continue to ensure justice in governance so that he could meet his creator with confidence hereafter. However, Nigerians reacted calling the president a comedian. Others said voting the president out is a duty that must be done in order for Nigerians not miss heaven as well. 

Olinze Paul said, "Oh yes baba, we must vote you out also so we can make heaven because a lot of abominable things are happening under you, so so sorry Mr buhari, you have to go back to daura so we can make heaven."

Anthony Osemeha said, "....a night of a thousand laughs" 

Ibrahim Wahab said, "Then jail Babachir as you indirectly imprisoned Dasuki." 

Onwumehjohn Ifechukwude said, "You have missed it already, with all this killing and nepotism, bros you missed it."

Emmanuel Ukaji said, "Joke of the year,  do you have justice to give!?" 

Vincent Nwankwo said, "Forget about heaven, cause you don miss it already wicked evil dead man."

Sule Musa said, "My dear President, how do you dream heaven with so many deaths crying for justice you are denying them?" 

Alilu David ssid, "President Buhari is a comedian.... U made me laugh in my language" 

Damian Adihi said, "Look at the evil man talking about holiness and divine call. All these things are June 12." 
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