Critical Times News : Buhari has finished calculating how he'd retain power in 2019 despite woeful performance

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Buhari has finished calculating how he'd retain power in 2019 despite woeful performance

It is said that in politics there's no permanent enemy, but permanent interests. It is also said that birds of the same feather flock together. However, it seem there's a twist to this since the APC took over power from PDP in 2015. At least, from the never ending fracas between members of the ruling party, it is safe to say we have a bunch of birds of same feather, but which can't accommodate each other.

Perhaps there's more to the confusion rocking the ruling party than meets the eye. Out of many narratives attempting to explain what we don't know about the struggles within the APC, the one which seem popular is that the God of Goodluck Jonathan is at work, fighting against the enemies of the former President. Whichever narrative you choose to side with, is not what matters at the moment. The fact that President Buhari still believes he'll win in 2019 despite all the odds against him in terms of performance, confidence building, and attracting allies is what keeps me wondering. 

A classic case of "bitting the finger that fed you" is the souring relationship between the president and some political heavy weights, who fought by his side to ensure he actualized his dream of becoming the president of Africa's most populous nation once again.

Until recently, the likes of Obasanjo, Babangida, and a few others also known as the 'King makers' in Nigerian politics, were seen to be untouchable. But Buhari whom they enthroned back in 2015 appears to be changing all that.

We all knew how the so called "King makers" mussled Jonathan out of power in 2015 for daring to step on toes. With Buhari seemingly doing the same by attacking IBB and Obasanjo despite his woeful performance since 2015 speaking against him before the masses, will he survive the 2019 elections?

Buhari's confidence in the midst of all that is working against including his own performance in the past 3 years, is an indication that the president is probably up to something we may not know about. The June 12 announcement and honoring of Late MKO Abiola may be seen as a desperate effort to appease a section of the country to lure support ahead of 2019 polls. But is that enough to make Buhari so confident of retaining power? Already there are assumptions that the change from may 29 to June 12 as democracy day may be a plot to give Buhari extra days to work something out to keep him in power just in case he loses the election. Whatever your thoughts may be, time shall tell.

Kassai Adams is a columnist and critical voicer at Critical Times News. (All opinions expressed in this article are solely his.)
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