Critical Times News : Osinbajo is an example of sinners God cannot forgive — Angry Nigerians react

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Osinbajo is an example of sinners God cannot forgive — Angry Nigerians react

The insensitivity of  President Buhari, his vice and indeed, all cabinet members or the APC in general, has set a certain group of Nigerians in constant angry mode. The question of where Osinbajo sold his conscience in the midst of all the persecution Christians have been experiencing under his watch, has left many wondering whether or not he is a Christian in the first place.

Below are some reactions we compiled from our page following the vice president's call that Ekiti electorates should reject PDP in the Ekiti governorship election.

Sammy Nkem said, "I have never abuse any of elders before but this time you deserve my abuse, instead of you to say something about five christian they gave death sentence your here talking trash, God will punish all of you"

Paul Onyenacho said, "these vp/pastor is the most clueless vp ever in the history of these nation, with all his cetifcate yet he lacks wisdom even the knowlege he has is zero to his Christan Faith, chai man of God." 

Ben Agbugba said, "Ekiti state should reject you and APC because you are the devils advocate. Yesterday you told them to vote Fayemi because he's bubus friend, so being a friend of a nepotistic jihadist is the criteria for winning election in Yoruba land."

Joseph Hope Adams said, "Can you imagine that? No a single word to show concern from him as a Christian vice president and he is here promoting the same party that is persecuting the Christians." 

Jimmy Steve Barko said," Old lier we will not reject PDP rather is apc we will reject. ..
Stupid short demon"

Vincent Nwankwo said, "May God have mercy on you,,,, cause you lied more than de devil himself in the name of politics"

John Apkan said, ".... and accept who, God will punish you and your generation for trying to mislead the poor masses"

Williams Adams said, "Osinbajo is worse than his boss. Better still, the worst vp Nigeria ever had!"

Agbaze Christian said, "Just hear what a pastor is saying. God forgive you"
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