Critical Times News : Recent killings in Plateau was the handiwork of Buhari’s enemies, says Gov Lalong

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Recent killings in Plateau was the handiwork of Buhari’s enemies, says Gov Lalong

Plateau State governor, Simon Lalong, has said that the recent killings in the state which claimed over 200 lives was the handiwork of saboteurs, who were bent on destabilising the state and also the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Lalong stated this while hosting president Buhari in the Jos government house. 

“Agents of destabilization are however hell-bent on making nonsense of the success you have achieved in dealing with internal security threats to our corporate existence as a nation,” he said.

“Our state is a beneficiary of the several measures put in place; on your instruction, the Nigeria Police has established a new Mobile Police Squadron in the Southern Zone of the state, and the Nigeria Air Force has also established a Rescue Search and Combat Command at Kerang in the Central Senatorial District of Plateau State, all in bid to activate crises response time of the Security,” he told the president.

The governor said that some persons were already giving the Barkinladi unrest a religious undertone.

“What is also totally condemnable in these attacks on communities, Mr President, is the burning of places of worship to give it a religious colouration,” he said.

Mr Lalong said his government will not relent in its mandate of securing citizens.

“We are determined not to allow conflict merchants to sustain these conflicts through the introduction of religious sentiments into it. Already political opportunists are seeking to draw capital out of it and regrettably, even while the deceased are yet to be committed to mother earth and the grieves of the victims still fresh,” he said.

The governor suggested that the attackers might be foreigners.

“We are concerned as a state that sophisticated weapons used in these attacks, from the evidences on ground and the narrations of victims, are not those conventional to our environment for self defense but reflective of a terrorist invasion,” Mr Lalong revealed.

Mr Lalong reiterated that the insecurity has brought illegal and other unwanted acts among citizens of the state, indulging in businesses that are unwarranted.

“These reoccurring attacks have regrettably opened up space for all manner of criminality by criminal elements and conflict merchants who engage daily in cattle rustling, theft, banditry, gun running and other forms of crimes amongst our citizens,” the governor said.

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