Critical Times News : Collapse of Libya and Mali responsible for Insecurity in Nigeria, says Enang

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Collapse of Libya and Mali responsible for Insecurity in Nigeria, says Enang

Ita Enang, senior special assistant to the president on national assembly matters (senate), has attributed the high level of insecurity in the country to the “collapse of Libya and Mali”.

Speaking when he hosted students of the Nigerian Law School, Abuja on Friday, the presidential aide said the policy of the ECOWAS free movement protocol is having a negative effect on Nigeria.

The policy allows citizens of ECOWAS states to move freely in and out of any country in the region.

Making reference to the crisis in Plateau state, Enang said “What is happening now is not just ethnic or inter ethnic conflicts, it is pure terrorism. This terrorism is not caused within but without.

“They come in with arms. Whenever there is war or the collapse of any nation state, you will have a collateral effect.

“We are suffering not from ethnic problems, internal to Nigeria, but from the effects of the collapse of neighbouring countries like Libya and Mali.

“Under that protocol, you are to allow them so long as they are Africans.

“Our survival, unity and security of citizens are threatened as a country by this free movement and those who come in with evil intention.”

Enang said the federal government is doing everything within its powers to tackle insecurity.
He said the country is also considering reviewing the application of the ECOWAS policy as in order to reduce the effect of persons coming in to do havoc.

“This is because your country must be safe before you can be a member of the regional body,” he said.

He urged the students to have hope in the country, assuring them that things would get better.

“I urge you to come out and get involved in active politics and support the Federal Government, because this administration means well for the country,” he said.

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