Critical Times News : Garba Shehu under fire for saying that Nigerians now have excess electricity

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Garba Shehu under fire for saying that Nigerians now have excess electricity

Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, has come under attack over his statement that Nigerians now have more electricity than they can consume.

Recall that Shehu was on Tuesday quoted as saying, “We have more electricity that cannot be consumed, 2,000 megawatts of electricity that nobody is taking. By the year ending, we are going to hit 10,000 megawatts from the 2,600 that we inherited. ”

This stirred up reactions online as Nigerians blasted the Presidential aide for making such a statement while most Nigerians suffer in darkness.

They wondered if he was referring to a ‘Nigeria that never existed.

Read comments below: 

@gerriboss, ”Please can someone please tell Mr Garba Shehu that there is no Electricity in my house, so I need that excess electricity, he spoke about so I have that more electricity than we can consume?”

@Samue_destiny,”Alternative reality. Buhari’s people have lied so much in three years that they’re beginning to forget how to tell the truth. Nigerians in Nigeria or Nigerians in Diaspora?”

@GabbyOgbechie1, ”One Garba Shehu claimed that Nigerians now have more than enough electricity. If you sincerely believe that, that claim is delusional, insulting to the psyche of suffering Nigerians.”

@InibeheEffiong, ”Nigerians have more electricity than they can consume – Garba Shehu. you mean, Nigerians have more mad people in public offices than they can endure.”

@sulem_auwal, ”Is this what the seat of power can do to somebody? Wow, Garba Shehu is toast! ”

@Amakaofure, ”Tomorrow he will ask Obj where he keeps the money allocated for power. Confused guys.”

@deemaj2020, ”Who says what? As I tweet now, there is a total black out in my area. So where is the MORE that this man is talking about. Obviously, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Most of this Oga at the top, talk without facts. What a shame.”

@Betahalf0, ”Garba Shehu was referring to a Country that never existed, pay noo attention to him.”

@VyrussBeatz, ”On a serious note, Nigeria needs help. Everything is wrong, from the government to the kind of bad utterances they keep making. Where is the light really?”

@saheedamusa, My bulb has not blinked since Friday @GarShehu Where is the electricity?”

@CaptainOFI, ”No no no this is some kind of sick joke.”

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