Critical Times News : You are a good person when you praise Buhari, but you are a looter when you criticise him, says Gumi

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You are a good person when you praise Buhari, but you are a looter when you criticise him, says Gumi

Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, a fiery Islamic cleric, has lambasted president Muhammadu Buhari’s supporters for tagging everyone who criticising the president as a looter. 

Gumi, in a chat with PUNCH, said that When he was criticising the PDP government, nobody said he was collecting money from APC. He said that the government of Goodluck Jonathan was more democratic, more tolerant of criticism. Unlike the government of Buhari. 

Gumi said this while reacting to a question on the difference between the government of President Muhammadu Buhari and the government of former President Goodluck Jonathan. 

His words, "I had a friend who was very close to Jonathan and offered to take me to him. I had never met Jonathan. I told him that I was not interested. He asked me if there was a message I had for Jonathan and I told him that if there was an election and he lost, he should hand over power. This was a year before the election. 

"If you send a message to Buhari and it is not praises, you are either a looter or one thing. When I was criticising the PDP, nobody said I was collecting money from APC. 

"I find the government of Jonathan to be more democratic, more tolerant of criticism. He was also sensitive to criticism because at a time when the bombing by Boko Haram was so much, I said how could the government and the National Security Adviser be from the same Bayelsa? Not too long after, the NSA was removed, maybe for another reason but in place of him, he brought another NSA which the Boko Haram people would believe would not connive. That was positive.

"You can hardly convince victims of Fulani herdsmen that the president has nothing to do with it. How to deal with this security issue is that if you are a Fulani man, bring somebody that the victims will trust; that is not conniving. That is part of government.

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