Critical Times News : POVERTY REPORT: You are confused — Nigerians disagree with Osinbajo

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POVERTY REPORT: You are confused — Nigerians disagree with Osinbajo

Following a report quoting UK's Prime Minister, Theresa May, saying Nigeria is home to the world's highest poverty rate, the presidency reacted via the Vice president Yemi Osinbajo, claiming the administration has on the contrary, improved the standard of living of millions of Nigerians since 2015. 

The Vice President’s claims raised questions by Nigerians who wondered why millions of people are out of poverty yet no noticeable change or trace of evidence to prove it. Others go on to called Osinbajo a confused man who either denies reality, or is living in a different Nigeria than the one "we all know".

Tukura Nuhu Nyigwa is one of the many voices left in the dark on what  Osinbajo is up to with such 'baseless claims.' 

Tukur said, "Why is this man contradicting reports and realities on ground? For God sake not because of your age and educational status you have attained, tell us the truth for once prof."

Yusuf Abu Ahmad left a more startling comment. He said, "And they said this man is a pastor, or was a pastor. Must he keep telling lies every time. Millions of people are out of job due to the bad government policy, he is there saying 3 millions has been taken out of poverty. He might be right anyway, at least the total number of people who has been killed since the inception of this administration should be close to that, they are all taking out of poverty to their early graves.

There are many other reactions in disagreement with the Vice president.

Colins Ogburogho said, "Half truth.... When you lift 3 million out of poverty and plunge 12 million or more into poverty... Is that really lifting people out of poverty.?????... If my caculation is correct this government has help Drag 9 million hardworking Nigeria into extreme poverty.. Under your watch sir,, Nigeria is now playing host to the highest number poor people anywhere in the world.."

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