Critical Times News : POWER STATEMENT: Confusion is when Buhari's ministers no longer recognize their ministries - Nigerians reply Amaechi

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POWER STATEMENT: Confusion is when Buhari's ministers no longer recognize their ministries - Nigerians reply Amaechi

As 2019 general elections draws nigh, it is no surprise that politicians are working out strategies to convince the electorates on why they deserve their votes.

However, as things currently stand, the ruling party APC, has more going against it than for it amidst dissatisfaction and outcry that the APC is a 'disaster' and the very definition of failure since it has nothing positive to show for its 3 years of governance.

In view of this, it is expected that the Buhari government which seeks reelection, will have to find a way to market itself to Nigerians even if it means employing past strategies that got it to power back in 2015.

The likes of Amaechi and Lai Mohammed were a leading force that helped enthrone Buhari as President. And now, the transport minister is at it again by delving into the affairs of other Ministries in an attempt to give Nigerians a reason to vote for the APC for a second term.

The Hon. Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi has in a recent statement, said, Buhari needs a second term in office to ensure stability of power supply across the country. Of course as you'd expect, Nigerians aren't new to such political statements are were quick to react.

Below are some of the reactions we compiled, also feel free to drop your comments as well.

Emmrock Esus says, "How does power supply relate to transport? Werey Re O (Ndi ara)"

Sunday Ogunniyi says, "Even if APC promises 32hr/day of electricity and 50k to $1 exchange rate, I WILL NOT VOTE FOR BUHARI IN 2019; my vote for him in 2015 was a mistake!"

Patrick Okere says, "What worries me so much about apc, buhari ,hailers nd those serving in ds regime is that they think all Nigerians are stupid, gullible nd lack rational ability. In 2015 tinubu told us that if Nigerians want light, they should vote out pdp nd Gej.

"The present minister for power fashola said that any responsible govt should fix electricity within 6 month. Another big mouthed apc chieftain asked us to stone them if electricity issues were not handled within 6months.

"Here we are. After 4 yrs no part of Nigeria sees light for 5 hrs in a week.

"Here they come again. Amaechi is advocating for another 4 yrs to enable complete the rubbish policies that ve brought untold hardship to us. They see us as fools, I guess. But I keep saying that most of us are so wise to kn that given the level of shabby performance so far, another 4 yrs will be disaster nd elongated suffering, hardship, unemployment, killing nd maiming nd total emasculation of d poor nd down trodden. Enough of your propaganda nd blame game."

Vurey A Babidi says, "Not six months after a reasonable government assumes office again? This time around tell it to the birds of the air, NOT Nigerians."

Chuka Umenne says, "Is Amaechi now Minister of Power.
Busybody Peak mouthed propagandist!"

Ebenezer Amos says, "Where did we gone wrong in this country, thunder senders are not doing their jobs effectively, how can some idiots will talk rubbish and go free"

Fabian Njoku says, "This group of people at abuja don't kown their work. see how amaechi leave his transport system and start talking of power energy."

Ibrahim Aziz says, "Apc promise 6 months in 2015 and you asked us not to vote for u again if u don't keep your promise so why promise again"

Owanate Fubara says, "We cannot continue with the buhari led fulani terorist govt" sabo dn't waist your energy."

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