Critical Times News : ROAD STATEMENT: Politicians become abnormal once they raise the broom — Nigerians fumed at Akpabio

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ROAD STATEMENT: Politicians become abnormal once they raise the broom — Nigerians fumed at Akpabio

Politics in Nigeria has reached a point where politicians no longer believe the masses have brains. The questions of what hope is left for a country whose leaders have no respect for nor fear of being held accountable by the masses, keeps popping up every now and then. Indeed, the masses are only useful whenever their votes are needed. 

Former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Godswill Akpabio, has in a recent report, told Nigerians that his former party PDP, did not construct a single kilometer of road across the state. Whatever, the former governor intended to achieve with such statements would only make Akpabio an object of scorn. His statement has left Nigerians wondering what really happened to him the very moment he dropped the umbrella for the broom. 

As you would expect, Nigerians didn't react nicely. Read through the comments below and have your own say. 

Austin Dominic said, "The moment one joins Buhari's camp, ones brain evaporates"

Alex Emode said, "So the ones you constructed was APC money? You be real vulture." 

Afolayan Akintunde said, "Must this man talk or why is he saying rubbish meaning his people didn't know the evils and atrocities he committed as a governor? Thunder must strike you."

Ademola Jamiu said, "And someone said this man is mentally okay?" 

Ababor Solomon said, "All these politicians, madness runs in them, ooooo, imagine PDP governor for 8yrs, Akpabio is using style to confess, he should be arrested and jailed for this statement. All these politicians don see Nigerians finish."

Christopher Ikpala said, "This is the biggest fool of the year and all this while he was with PDP fighting APC oh God almighty what ever this man is looking may he not have it in Jesus name Amen." 

Aigbedion Efe said, "Nigeria politicians are the most shameless set if were in Apc for 16 years n you were in charge so you are just acting mockery of your followers.."

Enoch David said, "Must u lies to have says in the government? Why our politician are behaving like animal in the bush pls help me tell him for him to say this he is not normal"

Uche Onu said, "Akpabio, you of all people that i respect a lot talking foolishly because you are eyeing senate president but you and apc has failed."

Francis Edward said, "This man now fool. Are you saying you deed nothing when you was Governor under PDP"

Adedokun Ayobami said, "Apabio has lost his senses seriously. He is a disgrace to his generations."

Matthew Nwosu said,"I have never expected Akpabio to be so stupid and foolish."

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