Critical Times News : Stomach infrastructure has destroyed Keyamo's integrity — Nigerians react

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Stomach infrastructure has destroyed Keyamo's integrity — Nigerians react

It's a political season and all parties are fighting for cheap points. You obviously would expect the ruling party to work much harder since there's not much visible achievement to present to Nigerians as evidence of good governance. 

The latest victim to be used as some form of achievement by the Buhari administration is the resignation of former finance minister, Kemi Adeosun due to alleged NYSC certificate forgery. 

In an earlier report, Buhari’s campaign spokesman, Festus Keyamo (SAN), has taken yet another swipe at former President Goodluck Jonathan, saying Adeosun would have been shielded if Jonathan were the president. 

Keyamo's statement however, did not go down well with some Nigerians who called  him 'cheap', a disappointment, and disgrace to his late mentor Gani fawehimi. 

You can find below, some of the reactions we compiled from our Facebook page;

Odenigbo Okanga said, "If a respected lawyer could sell his integrity for "a pot of porridge" then it's unfortunate indeed."

Chukumah Udogu said, "The weed this guy is on na wa.I feel sorry for this once beloved son of delta state." 

Mark Ikpegbu said," Is a Terrible thing to become a spokesman for Pharaoh. And is more terrible when A man cannot descern the times and season. It is well." 

Amina Olayinka," It is really sad that Keyamo's reasoning has changed because of stomach infrastructure."

Kizor Obi said, "Buhari have really increased insanity to an unimaginable level, while he built prisons the next administration will build psychiatric hospitals to handle people like this one." 

Shonde Festus said," Where is Buhari WAEC certificate? Who is shielding Buhari is it PDP or APC? Mr Keyamo something has got missing in that upstair sir."

Ogbuefi Basil said," It is a shame that this young man tutored under Almighty and intelligent Gani fawehimi . look at how he is painting himself red cos of cheap appointment, shame on you.Hw I wish Gani is alive to see u now?"

Isabella Ijomah said," What a very foolish comment! Just look at him! Mtcheeew! In Gej's administration, it would never happen at all. Let the one who is lifeless continue with his lifeless kindergarten & kitchen ministers. Failure is & will remain their portion until they free Nigeria."

Allison Williams said, "mumu. Who took ur brain away. Two supposedly great delta guys are long dead bc of buhari,,, keyamo and sagay. # sad indeed."

Okechuwu Ogbu said," Pls who has taken away this man's sense of reasonsoning."

Bassey Agwu said, "We need investigate Keyamo's law certificate. He no longer reasons like a Lawyer!" 

Eze Okoro said," Festus why do you reduce your self so low.." 

Akinnola Akindilureni said, "You are too cheap. Iam disappointed in you Keyamo."
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