Critical Times News : TRUST STATEMENT: You are on your own — Nigerians reply INEC

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TRUST STATEMENT: You are on your own — Nigerians reply INEC

More and more reactions trails INEC's statement that it has the backing of Nigerians and need not the trust of People's Democratic Party (PDP), as it prepares ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Nigerians reacting to the statement, distance themselves from the claim that they have confidence in the electoral umpire, saying the electoral body is on its own.

Audu Sunni said, "I'm a Nigerian, I'm ashamed of inec."

Mohammed Bello Yakubu said, "PDP are not Nigerians, Mr. Inec chair?
All stakeholders needed to be satisfied with your actions and inactions to discharge your responsibilities as an unbiased umpire."

Orokpo Willxon said, "Typical APC arrogance, coming from a supposedly unbiased referee, omashe oo." 

Sule Musa said, "You do need PDP trust, sir. The party is a major transporter of the Nigerian people."

Steve David said, "Misguided reply. Instead of building confidence in the minds of all." 

Vincent Nwankwo said, "This will tell you that INEC is working for APC,"

Nancy Yusuf said, "Not all Nigerians. We need a Nigeria where the INEC chairman  is not from the North as PMB ." 

Gift Emmanuel said, "Mr INEC I don't believe you at all because you are the major problem in Nigeria election."

Daniel Eromosele said, "We don't believe in you. We are only asking you to allow Nigerians to decide."

Augustine Ken said, "No sir, Nigerians do not believe in you, until INEC proves to be sincere, credibly unbiased , not to be used as enemies to peoples mandates, stay neutral and always declare the voice and real votes of the electorate and not act favouritism or give votes to  the highest bidder, nigeria is doomed with this kind of INEC Presently on board we do not have confidence in them."

Osahontue Nicholas said," Hahahaha! You need the trust of all political party before the trust of the people. Pls retract ur statement because the wish and aspirations regarding elections is expressed through political parties."

Nnedi Okechukwu said," INEC is simply a mess. Instead of reassuring them that they'll provide a credible election, look at their answer. See who is fooling who. We're doomed in this country."

John Machoko said," Don't be bias Mr chairman, watch your tongue just for the sake of the office you are heading! This is a national responsibility ensure that every Nigerian trust in you."

Austin Emy said," PDP members are they not Nigerians. 
Who are the Nigerians that believes in INEC?
I guess APC! 
Working from the answers...."

Spencer Adikibi said," When was the opinion poll conducted sir?"

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