Critical Times News : Kumuyi under fire for saying Nigeria is safe under Buhari

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Kumuyi under fire for saying Nigeria is safe under Buhari

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church Worldwide, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, is under fire for saying that Nigeria is safe under Buhari. 

Pastor Kumuyi, in a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock, had told the president that the country is safe under his watch and that Nigerians are praying for the success of his government. 

The cleric's statement did not go down well with Nigerians as they expressed their anger on facebook. 

Below are their reactions: 

Ibiye Devotion — If there is any man of God I respect most in Nigeria, n the World,it is Pastor W.F.Kumuyi...fortunately enough, I was born n breed in Deeper Life Christian Ministry, and dat had,to some large extent sharpened my life in Humanity and God... But to b alive and see my Papa frolicking with politicians,more so an Islamic fundamentalist who has no iota of respect for humanity, more especially Christians, is to say the least that I am grievously disappointed.. Let all men be liars, and Our True and Everlasting Lord be the True Judge of All..I rest my case.

Eberechi Jinanwa — God had given Kumuyi the opportunity to use his encounter with Buhari to tell him the gospel truth but he missed the mark. Christians are being butchered in Jos, Benue, Zamfara, Taraba, Nasarawa and across the Nation. Soldiers from the east and west are being preyed to die in the hands of Gboko Haram rebels. 15 years old Leah Sharibu is in captivity in the hands of Gboko Haram. Hunger and starvation is ravaging the country. Rule of law is disregarded. Impunity is the rule of the game. None of these ills crossed his mind to tell the President to rule with the fear of God, like Prophet Nathan would tell King David in the case of Beersheba and Uriah. He decided to give him fake assurance that 'everyone will support him.' No wonder the bible warned us to test the spirit. By their fruits you shall know them.

Martha Otobong Okpon — can you imagine Paul the Apostle encouraging Caesar Augustus for the "good works he is doing", or Moses encouraging Pharoah...God help us

Gbwong Dadu John — Don't look to far. The Kumiyi now and then are not the same. Now you can buy and watch TV, watch movies, participate in social and worldly events, put on pans, go to church half naked, buy expensive jewries, sleep around, steal from government and other quoters and still be a deacon today in deeper life bible church. Kumuyi is now a new man the old man has passed away behold all thing are become new.

Christian Ezeh — tears in my eyes, did kumuyi ask him of the outcome of one of his pastors wife killed in kano, does he know that her killers were aquited and working around even when so much noise was made of getting justice? by buhari and kano governor?. o no this too much to bear, I am crying right now

Israel Adanu — My brother, on display here is the political ignorance of most Christian leaders. Kumuyi and papa Adeboye are both from Osun state but could not bring their influences to bear on the last Osun election! Christians should note that be one demonically inspired government policy would take more people to hell than our years of evangelism would point people to heaven.

Ekene Ezenwanne — I'm beginning to have doubt about d genuineness of Kumuyi; I think I should withdraw from dat church

Moyemi Owolabi — I felt so sad watching it on tv,what is so felicitating about the visit?If there is anything i would have love Pastor Kumuyi to do,is to tell the truth to the face of the tyrant.Late madam Bridget Agbahime a deeperlife member for that matter was killed in a Kano market for no just cause,his husband was injured.This was a couple who had spent close to 40yrs in kano,the perpetrators are walking free,even threatning the husband before he ran for his dear life.Is this fair Pastor Kumuyi?Leah Sharibu is in the hand of her tormentors and bloody sons of devil,no hope of rescue.Is this fair? and the dictator is talking about God and united country...chai! what a leaders! what a country!

George Nnamdi — While there is freedom of association, what Kumuyi has done is an endorsement of PMB and all what has been happening before Our very eyes. It is unfortunate. It is not right to reinforce failure

Okuta Ken — I wonder what they are laughing about. Maybe laughing at Nigerians for being so stupid. Useful slaves everywhere.

Asogwa Ken Obiekezie — I was beyond disappointed to say the least.
Thank you FFK for bringing this up. I'm also very happy you didn't insult him or disdainfully speak of his personality.

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