Critical Times News : WAEC Certificate Saga: Please Buhari, go back to Daura — Angry Nigerians react

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WAEC Certificate Saga: Please Buhari, go back to Daura — Angry Nigerians react

Nigerians on social media have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to either order military to release his WAEC certificate or to resign and go back to Daura honorably. 

INEC had published a list of over 70 candidates who are participating in the 2019 presidential elections and their credentials on Thursday.

However, Buhari failed to attach necessary documents to his presidential bid sent to INEC by his party, the All Progressives Congress, insisting that they were in the custody of the military.

In the affidavit which he swore to, Buhari said, “I am the above - named person and the deponent of this affidavit herein. All my academic qualification documents as filled in my Presidential form, APC / 001 / 2015 are currently with the Secretary of the Military Board as of the time of this affidavit.”

See their reactions Below:

Patrick Okere
This man deserves my pity. All the donkey yrs in the army you couldn't sit for O level Gce. This simply indicates you ve no drive, no ambition nd no ingenuity. Does an emloyer retain the original copies of ur credentials. This character in this man reflects on his inability to run d affairs of this country. We will be collectively see ourselves as fools if this man wt this shortage gets our votes.

Itodo Innocent Raphael
Any time they ask this man to present his certificate he will either say is with the military or they will be showing us the pictures he took with his class or age mate. Even Yakubu Gowon if u ask him to produce his certificate he will do.

Khalipha Shehu Imam
I am confused, during the GEJ administration you said your credentials are with military, yet under your watch still your school certificates are in the custody of military.

Jeremiah Baba Adamu
As President and Commander in Chief of Nigeria, Buhari, if it is true you have any certificate with them, the retrieval and presentation of such certificates should not be a problem. If you don't have any genuine certificate, it is honourable for you Mr. Integrity to bow out, resign and go and rest. The law is clear with no excuse, show your certificate to INEC. There is no ambiguity on this demand

Mukhtar Usman
You no get any credentials Mr. President, and everyone knows that already. Credentials is for graduate that are seeking for 50k job they will be asking for NYSC Cert, followed by aptitude test, age restrictions + screening and 5 yrs working experience as a jobless. But for you politicians O. Level result is very okay.

Ben Cool
Buhari is the Commander in chief of the Armed Forces. He appoints the Chief of Army Staff, who in turn is in charge of everything that has to do with the Nigerian Army.
Why can't the so called Military board be ordered to release the non existent certificate.

Alex Uzo
Finally, the truth is out.
The President of Africa's most populous country has no WAEC certificate.

Iroulo Nkemakolam Friday
Hahahahahahaha Oh my God, I can't stop laughing ooo. Can't INEC do the needful, he doesn't have it is that he doesn't have What else is INEC looking for? If the requirement is WAEC certificate and he doesn't have it, then disqualify him. You can't be shortlisted for interview when you can't present your credentials.

Elisha Ifeanyi Atakere
Bring your own copy. I even learnt he is using NEPA bill as his certificate. Show the moral justification for his government to question others about their certificates.

Sunday Ogunniyi
The way you are running Nigeria's economy shows that you failed WAEC. You are not fit to be a Local Govt chairman. Did Buhari pass First School Leaving Certificate? Let him present his primary school certificate, if he did not attend secondary school.

Pstanyu Mike
Sorry is is it American military that we need to take flight before we can have them?

Pst Duke Amanze
if you have the certificate tell the military to give it to you. when you said is with the military it seems as if is in heaven where hands can not reach

Obiefuna Lawrence
People are complaining about Buhari WAEC, meanwhile his deputy is so called professor, therefore what kind of progress Nigerians are yearning for, in such buildup.

Roland Eghieye
Pls Buhari go back to Daura

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