Critical Times News : Buhari sat for WAEC in 1961 and got his result in 2018 — Nigerians reacts

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Buhari sat for WAEC in 1961 and got his result in 2018 — Nigerians reacts

Nigerians on social media has mocked President Muhammadu Buhari over his attestation certificate issued to him by the West African Examination Council (WAEC). 

Monday O. Ameh, a commenter said "President Buhari is truly a well packaged fraud.." saying that "Buhari sat for WAEC in 1961 and got his result in 2018..." 

Another commenter, Isire Henry Oghenechovwe, said if "Kemi Adeosun resigned because she did not have a NYSC certificate and submitted instead a forged document, Buhari should also resign. 


Edu De Saint
As long as Muhammadu Buhari remains the president of Nigeria with his 'Oluwole' SSCE certificate, Kemi Adeosun has every right to be reinstated to continue as Nigeria's minister of finance. After all, she is more brilliant and educated than the so-called 'Mr Integrity'.

Monday O. Ameh
President Buhari is truly a well packaged fraud..can't believe he will go to this level.. Buhari sat for WAEC in 1961 and got his result in 2018...

Dike Sunday
This is very appalling in Nigeria's seat of power, old people that are intentionally and ignorantly celebrating heavy gauged stupidity ! Tufikwa ! Even the passport on the certificate says it all, balded buhari. May God in his infinity Mercy flush out this fraudulent practiced Government in Jesus Mighty Name, Ameeeeeen !

Isire Henry Oghenechovwe
Kemi Adeosun resigned because she did not have a NYSC certificate and submitted instead a forged document. Buhari should also resign now because he does not have a school-leaving certificate and also submitted a forged document.

Bobby Banks
With the smile on thier face you can see fogery,nothing authentic there,these are all arranged nepa bill as certificate,like edriss rightly said,Buhari is the most succesful fraudster in the history of Nigeria!!!

Agwulonu Chuzzy
This is pure fraud, unbecoming of the head of integrity crusaders/corruption fighters. Leadership in Nigeria is indeed a case study. What an international shame.

Udosen Godwin
When did WAEC start attaching passport to certificates? I think it was in late 90s. How comes that PMB who claim to have graduated in the 60s also has passport pasted on his result? This sums up NIGERIA.

Sampson Uwem Anthony
One of the Greatest achievement of APC getting an Attestation of result for Mohamed Buhari.
How I wish, The Military will show us the one with them?.

Comrade Sam Okafor
Did he joined the army at his old age? Why is the certificate bearing an aged picture. I suspect fowl play here

Festus Black
Nigerian Una Strong Oh!!!
Come to think of it, When was WAEC established ? How can WAEC issue a certificate older than her? Do we have WAEC body as at 1961 ?? need Answers to these Questions.

Onyema Chukwu Eke
Do they think Nigerians are fools ,first of all Waec can not issue certificate twice ,you can only get it from your school ,even if it is missing you can't get a new one period ,name those he set the exam with fake APC

Aniche China Justin
Fraudsters APC group see how they are looking at the so called but forged paper as if it is a PhD certificate analogue system generation

Kelvin Odiase
What a shame..someone who wrote common waec since,1961 he is just having his fake result? Who is fooling who?Does this sound genuine? Little kids are coming out with Distinctions, buhari recorded fail..Does this sound genuine to Oga buhari?waka go forward plss

Aniemeka Kelvin
Please can we tell ourselves the truth, please can someone help me check the passport photos graph on that pepper sheet then you will see that the result is fake because the photos that I'm seeing their is not the photos of yesterday and is not young aged photos of Buhari, and we have to know that Buhari have given NIGERIANS two certificates and the two certificates is different with this last one. Please we have be careful in this country..

The West African Examination Council (WAEC), on Friday has presented an attestation certificate and confirmation of school certificate result to President Muhammadu Buhari.

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