Critical Times News : Nigeria will cease to exist if APC rig 2019 election — Babatope talks tough

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Nigeria will cease to exist if APC rig 2019 election — Babatope talks tough

Chief Ebenezer Babatope, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, has described members of the All Progressives Congress APC as terrible people who can do everything possible to remain in power. Warning that Nigeria will cease to exist if the ruling party attempt to rig the 2019 general elections. 

The PDP chieftain said this in a chat with Saturday Punch


After the Osun State governorship election in September, your party raised the alarm that INEC allegedly colluded with the All Progressives Congress to rig the election and that if care was not taken, the same thing would repeat itself in the 2019 general elections. Is that truly your position?

What the APC people are doing is to create fears in the mind of the people that they want to manipulate the election and I want to warn them very seriously to shelve that plan. As a veteran of Nigerian politics, I was trained by Papa Obafemi Awolowo and I was the director of organisation of his party, the Unity Party of Nigeria, so I’m talking to them from experience. 

If only they want to rig Nigeria out of existence is when they should go ahead and manipulate the elections. If the APC manipulates the election, then they will be setting the process of manipulating Nigeria out of existence and that would be too bad because we are all Nigerians and I don’t want to lose my identity as a Nigerian.

 But the APC people are a very terrible people, capable of doing anything to stay in power. However, we are waiting for them and we have a good candidate in the person of Atiku Abubakar. But if they want to manipulate, then they are putting the future of Nigeria in jeopardy and that would be too bad. From what is happening, I pray for Buhari, because he is from my generation, and with the age he stated on paper, he’s only one month older than me, and so I can tell them the truth, and so I warn them not to try to rig that election. Let the will of the people prevail.

Are you implying that if there is rigging in the next election, Nigeria might cease to exist as one entity?

If they rig the election, eventually, Nigeria will cease to exist because the people’s attitude to that kind of interference would be so bad that the electoral processes that would follow would be such that would get Nigeria out of existence and make a fool of its federalism. At the end, Nigeria would suffer for it and if care is not taken, what we would be seeing is different agitations to challenge the existence of this country.

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