Critical Times News : Pack your bags and go, Nigerians don't need vampires — Fani-Kayode replies Miyetti Allah

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Pack your bags and go, Nigerians don't need vampires — Fani-Kayode replies Miyetti Allah

Fani-Kayode, former Aviation Minister has reacted to Miyetti Allah's claim that Nigeria economy will collapse if their members leave the country. 

Reacting on his official Facebook page, Kayode said that the Fulani herdsmen are free to leave the country because Nigerians no longer need killers in the country. 

His words, "For God sake pack your bags and go. Nigerians are disgusted and appauled by the number of innocent people that your members have subjected to mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide over the last three years.

"These boastful and arrogant threats coming from a bunch of ravenous and insatiable vampires must stop. It is just like a bunch of vultures, rats and cockroaches saying that if they choose not to reside in your home, you will end up being hungry and lonely. It is arrant nonsense.

"Nigeria is not and can never be a nation of cow-worshippers and bestial cow-lovers. We do not and can never belong to the cult of the cow.

"Any presidential candidate or political party that is not committed to the total eradication and annihilation of the terrorist activities of the Fulani herdsmen cannot be taken seriously and is not worthy of leading Nigeria. Such a candidate will NEVER get my support.

"Those that commit genocide, that slaughter women and children, that butcher the servants of God at the alter, that burn down peoples homes and Churches and that drink the blood of babies must be identified, rejected, ostracised and brought to justice.

"They must be held accountable for their unbelievably cruel deeds and heinous crimes against humanity. They must be tracked down and caged and the fury and judgement of the Living God must be unleashed on them.

"The attempt by some to play down their atrocities and pamper them in the name of getting their votes is a notion and course of action that is utterly sickening, repulsive and repugnant to me. It is like appeasing Hitler and the German Nazis even as they were gassing the Jews: it is unacceptable, unjust and ungodly.

"There can be no fellowship between light and darkness. God calls us to resist evil and not pamper it. And let us make no mistake about it: the murdeous Fulani herdsmen are the ultimate manifestation and personification of EVIL!

Recall that the President of the Fulani socio-cultural association, Kautal-Hore Miyetti Allah, Alhaji Bello Abdullahi Bodejo, has described the organisation as one with powers so enormous that it can collapse the economy of the nation.

Bodejo, in an interview with Sunday Tribune boasted that if the Fulani herdsmen were pushed to the wall by the lackadaisical attitude of governments towards their plights, despite their huge contribution to the economy of the nation, “if we direct our members to move out of the country, I can assure you that the economy of this country will collapse.”

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