Critical Times News : Osinbajo under fire for saying he hates PDP

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Osinbajo under fire for saying he hates PDP

The Nigerian Vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has come under fierce attack by Nigerians for saying he hate the name PDP because it makes him feel headache.

Recall that the Vice president had said that he hated mentioning the name PDP because doing so makes him feel headache.

He accused the Peoples Democratic Party of neglecting Nigerians’ social welfare during its 16 years of governance at the federal level.

The statement however, did not go down well with Nigerians as they storm our Facebook page to voice out their displeasure.

Some said that his statement means that he hate Nigerians who are loyal to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP yet he call himself a pastor.

Below are their reactions:

John Paul
If Vice president Osinbajo said he hate mentioning the name PDP is the greatest betrayal of his political wisdom that is to say he hate some NIGERIANS and it is only the nepotistic and dictatorship party that he belongs is the saint,how can his government that does not obeyed the constitution and laws of the land can be compared with corruption as a pastor you will agreed with the Bible that says to obey is better than sacrifice since your government does obeyed the laws of the land is worst than corruption, you are professor of law and a constitutional lawyer is it not a mess and a political disgrace for your party not following the rules of laws in a Democratic government

Osuji C Osuji
supporting Buhari makes responsible people looks stupid. #wole soyinka#

Emmanuel Ugwu
You will not just have ordinary headache but headache mixed with migraine

Bitrus Danladi
Not all pastors are men of God

Ajibade Afolasade
Nonsense and you call yourself a pastor, is it good to say that?

Atonyo Bright
U never start this is the preamble the name PDP will continue to headache to APC until February 2019 wen they will unseat APC from office

Wharlley Harllerkey
Very soon the headache will lead to madness

Elvis Agbonifo
May be you can just join PDP to cure ur headache

Emma St
you will feel more headache by the time presidential election is over

Afolayan Akintunde
Yet they're the ones helping you out.... the likes of Amaechi and Audu Ogbeh.
Pastor Oniro!

Moses Ejovi Ogbevire
Those who have not voted in their life before will vote this time because of APC, they will vote out apc.

Obinna Amadi

Wale Ojumu
Fake pastor who hates others like his sectional boss

Zakka Daniel
A coffin will be prepared for you if the headache kills you. Nonsense..!!

Iyke Otuonye
U fill headache cus u are doing the wrong thing. Focus on ur campaign and stop insulting pdp. This is not how to campaign osi. As a pastor don't u forgive so why join the illiterate insulting pdp. Mind u apc will lose am not joking about it. It's been said in heaven and on earth. Becus God is interested in the country called Nigeria. Do u know the name Nigeria is in d bible.

Prince Davies
Atiku is your headache because you know that 11 days to come power is off your shoulder

Nancy Yusuf
You hate the people in PDP not PDP because PDP are just mere set of letters

Alex Emode
Take APC na , abi nor be headache medicine ? See a doctor if you ate not feeling well and stop calling PDP.

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