Critical Times News : I'm the most suffering Nigerian, says Buhari

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I'm the most suffering Nigerian, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that he is fully qualified to be called "a suffering Nigerian. 

Responding to a question on ‘Who is Buhari?’ in an interview aired by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) last night, Buhari said, his career in the military was hellish, especially experiences he had living through the 1966 coup, 1967 counter-coup, and later a civil war.

He said: “I think I went through hell throughout my career in the military. I was a lieutenant in Lagos during the first coup, January 15, 1966.

“If you bother about Nigerian history, you read about coup and counter coup, civil war, coup, counter coup. I was all in it, including in detention for three and a quarter years.

“So, I am fully qualified, you know, [to be called] as a suffering Nigerian.”

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