Critical Times News : University graduates has been running UK, US, unlike Nigeria, says El-Rufai

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University graduates has been running UK, US, unlike Nigeria, says El-Rufai

The Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El - Rufai, on Saturday said the difference between Nigeria and progressive nations of the world was because incompetent people were in charge in Nigeria.

El-Rufai stated this in Ikoyi, Lagos, at an event organised by the Bridge Club tagged, “An evening with His Excellency Mallam Nasir El -Rufai , Governor of Kaduna State."

He said graduates of Oxford University has been running UK and also graduates of Harvard and Yale University has been running US. But in Nigeria, people who have never went to school are ruling the country. 

He said, “In most of the developed worlds, the best and the brightest are in politics and public service. I urge you to google the profiles of the captains of the USA, UK, Japan, China and Singapore over the last 10 years and compare their educational and experience profile with ours, you will understand why we are where we are.

“The UK has been run by graduates of Oxford most of the time; the US has been run by graduates of Harvard and Yale most of the time in the last 100 years. You go to China, Singapore, similar profiles . In Nigeria, we have people that never went to school in our National Assembly. We have people with questionable qualifications as state governors. We will go nowhere as long as our best and brightest, people that sit in rooms like this are not in politics or public service.”

The President of Bridge Club, Mr A.U. Mustapha ( SAN), who is El - Rufai’s private lawyer, described the governor as an upright and an intelligent person.

Mustapha said El - Rufai was invited so that he could tell the club members about himself , as opposed to the image being given him by the press.

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