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Welcome to Critical Voices. This page contains brief information on how to become a critical voicer.

We are interested in your opinions on issues affecting you and the nation at large.

We believe in freedom of expression, and therefore, see no reason whatsoever, for you to be murmuring in one corner or dying in silence.

We believe you, especially ordinary Nigerians, are the ones who truly understand the pains they're going through due to failures of those at the top to carter for the needs of the populace.

We believe you deserve a voice. Your opinions matters. It can make a difference. It can unveil the true picture of what's actually going on in the country. It can save lives!

Critical Times News is focused on the main issue from the whole story. We will therefore be glad to amplify your voice so the nation and the world could hear you whether instantly or in the future. The most important thing is that your opinion (s) will remain in record.


In case you don't know what it means to be a critical voicer in our own perspective,

A critical voicer is simply someone who critically analyses issues or events in the country or his immediate environment, and using available, obvious and undeniable evidence, developes it into an article with the sole purpose of expressing his position on the issues identified, for the good of the country or his immediate environment.


Anyone can become a critical voicer. All you need to do is to first identify an issue of public significance. Then develop it with available facts or evidences to back it up.

You can submit your established articles to our email address at

[email protected]

NOTE: Articles not well developed or which promotes or encourages violence, hatred, etc. Will not be considered. Be sure to put your facts together to make your position easily understood and convincing.